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It’s that time of year! Although weddings throughout the year are beautiful, there’s just something about a summer wedding that puts the cherry on top. The warm weather gives us a chance to show off our best clothes and best features, and who doesn’t want to dress to the nines for the romantic wedding? Whether you’re attending with your husband, nudging your boyfriend to drop down to one knee, or looking for Mr. Right, these styles will have all eyes on you, after the bride, of course!



Weddings are soft and romantic, and this is exactly why a lace dress should be in your arsenal. This Ann Taylor Lace Shift Dress is an ideal choice for a summer wedding on a warm day. The length is short enough to show off your legs while remaining long enough to be appropriate. The loose fit of a shift dress can work heavily in your defense at the reception. After you’ve managed to eat your full dinner and slice of cake, you might feel as if your dress shrank two sizes, but a shift dress will help hide that extra dessert. As you hit the dance floor, the loose fit will also help you move around easily and dance the night away.

If you’re aiming for a more romantic look at this summer’s wedding, these lace dresses will be perfect for the occasion:

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