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Let’s talk Hair, Nistas! No, not the everyday hairstyle… We’re talking hairstyles for your Very Special Day. Whether you are preparing for that “one day in the hopeful future” or if you’re feverishly saving pictures for your wedding, here are a few top – Dos to Do:

Long/Medium Hair


Love the cascading curls over one shoulder. This look is delicate and romantic.


This hairstyle is for the no fuss, laid back bride… This wedding is going to be FUN!

Medium Length Hair


A nice up do with curls will always remain elegant and classy.


This hairdo will be perfect for a vintage theme wedding.

For Short Hair



Going for a retro-glam look? This is the perfect style for you.

A perfect wedding, with the hair style to match, becomes a memory to lasts a lifetime. You’re So Nista!


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Sasha Avani

Sasha has been writing about fashion for 7 years. She is also a style expert with a keen eye on fashion trends and looks for your body type. "Fashion is an expression of your individuality; you don't have to follow trends to know what looks good; as long as you feel good and confident in what you are wearing, that's all that matters." Special thanks to mesonista for the opportunity to be part of your fashion community. YOU'RE SO NISTA!

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