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Your big day should be everything you have ever imagined, why not add even more shimmer and shine… into your hair!


Hair accessories can turn a regular hairstyle into something special in just one, two, three. A normal side braid can make a huge transformation when adding a delicate piece to your style. Take a look into how you can add the wow factor to your “I do”.

Head Piece

Wedding Hair Head piece

A full headpiece is a feminine delicate trend that you can add to a simple hairstyle. This Olivia Headpiece is different and gives off a bohemian glam vibe. The way the gold plays in with your hair part and the detailed design, it is still intricate but puts a modern flare into your hair.


Leaves in Detail

Wedding Hair Head piece 2

When it comes to a wedding, you can’t forget about the bling! This Liv Hart elaborate leaves hairpiece will have the sparkles checked of the list. Silver gemmed covered leaves with accent gold flowers will leave anyone breathless by its arrangement.

Wedding Hair Head piece 3

Another amazing design from Liv Hart is this gold detailed leaf piece. Not only is it unique but also it resembles an art piece along with a hair accessory. The way it stands out and flows in with a half up half down hairstyle, your inner Cinderella moment is bound to come out.



Wedding Hair Head piece 4

Netted hair designs bring out an old school meets new school trend. This Twigs and Honey piece pays attention to detail with an accent net, fabric flowers and pearls- what can get better than feeling like a Queen with a crown? I love the way this style is angelic yet still contemporary.


Floral Gems

Wedding Hair Head piece 5

Another lavish hair accessory from Olivia Headpieces has my breath taken away with this floral design. The full constructed detailing of the jewels connecting together along with the draping of flowers has this look is all about glam! My favorite part about this pattern is the way the pearls are incorporated in detail.


Whether you’re a bride or bridesmaid, step up your hair game with accessories that are Nista approved.

Kelsey Wells

Kelsey Wells is a Fashion Stylist and Blogger from Los Angeles, CA who recently relocated to Seattle, WA. She loves to express herself through her work whether it be from creative writing to images created by her styling expertise. Referring to herself as a “creative,” Kelsey has had an interest for fashion since she could remember. Always playing and dressing up in her mom’s closet since five years old was worth it!

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