What To Wear In A Winter Wedding?

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While many people would opt to tie the nuptials in spring or autumn, some would even pick winter as the best suited time of the year. And while the groom would supposedly be comfy in his tux, the same cannot be said of the bride. Winter weddings can be uncomfortable. And it’s not just the nervousness clinging around the heart, but the cold winter can pierce through your skin and shake every bone in your body.
Here’re some ideas to keep you warm and enjoy the moment.
Designer Zuhair Murad has a way of inventing unconventional wedding gowns that are hard to come across. This semi-conventional dress with a long flowing back can help you shelter at least your back from the cold. The dress costs around $1500-2200 at its cheapest. But the range differs from one boutique to another.
Johanna Johnson’s dress worth $4000-10000, with a classy touch of the 80’s could possibly be the best choice for a winter bride. This vintage look is unique and could serve the purpose of a traditional wedding ceremony. A feather jacket is always the finest option for a winter wedding.
Another of Zuhair Murad’s inventive product costing $10000-13000 is worth trying. The transparent lacey top with a bottom somehow similar to a fluffy ball gown could save the bride from the cold wind. It would also serve the purpose of a bride looking for trendy yet traditional wedding dress without opting for the bold revealing version from top to bottom. Off the shoulder, dresses would not be the best idea for a winter wedding. Choosing a long sleeve dress would help further in making one comfy.
This sleeveless Milano wedding gown worth $229.99 is a feasible choice. The detachable transparent jacket complements the dress and adds to the sexy look of the gown. Long sleeves are not always a necessary option for winter nuptials. Sleeveless gowns embellished with jackets and gloves could beautify and add comfort.
Diamonds agree best with wedding gowns. Whether it’s the gown or the color of the gown that goes along so well it’s not pretty sure, but the sparkly stones would add elegance to any bride walking down the aisle. And none can equal the charm of a Swarovski diamond. At an average price of $22.49, these simple Swarovski earrings would definitely add charm to any gown.
An alpha bangle from Swarovski ($99.00) could be a perfect accessory that goes along with the earrings. Long sleeved dresses are not in the necessity of any accessories on the wrist but sleeveless dresses without gloves definitely need something sparkly that could simply enhance the beauty of the dress and of course, the bride.
Winter weddings can be complicated and uncomfortable. So is the choice for clothes. But with the perfect choice and accessories, winter weddings can be celebrated with the same warmth and gaiety like a wedding in any season of the year.

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