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It doesn’t matter if your favorite fashion show is Paris, Milan, or New York; keeping up with the latest fashion trends is expensive. This is a simple truth that affects all of us at some point. Fortunately, there is a way to accomplish this on a budget; even with limited funds you can look as good as the models on the runway; all it takes is a little knowledge and some savvy shopping.
Spring is here and the sun is starting to shine, the following tips will help to ensure you create the perfect look; whatever the occasion.

Florals Are In!

Source: Vogue

The Valentino Spring collection joined Michael Kors and several other high profile designers in emphasizing feminity through flowers.  Fortunately this is one trend that is easy to locate in almost any high street store.  To achieve the spring look simply match a pair of leggings with a floral tunic and enjoy the sunshine.  DHgate stock a wide range for under $30.



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You have thought that leggings have never really fallen out of style.  Well, this spring they have gone one stage further.  Bright and bold is the name of the game!  In fact, it would seem that almost anything goes this time round!  Ditch your plain dark leggings and opt for some that shout out to the rest of the world; “I’m here!”  It’s probably best to keep your top plain to balance the look.

The Open Toe Shoe

Source: Footwearnews

Male or female toes are in.  Whether you opt for an open toed sandal, shoe or even a boot; this is the look to have this spring.  Designers such as Iris Van Herpen and Versace have embraced the open toe shoe and even coupled sheer socks and tights with the open toed shoes!  Now your feet can stay warm even on the cooler spring days.  As the style of the open toed shoes varies dramatically anything from your local shoe retailer will ensure you have the look.

The Right Coat

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Choosing the right coat is never an easy decision; you want the one which screams style and sophistication but at the same time fun and charismatic.  On top of this you would prefer not to be wearing a coat at all, but the weather isn’t that kind yet.  Fortunately, this year it is easy!  Designers at the Paris Fashion Show have opted to go with belted robes, cinched waistcoats and even the reliable long rain coat.  This means that you can opt for anything with a little color; providing you have the audacity to wear it!  Whether you are after a chic night out or a chilled lunch with the girls; you’ll find the right coat for under $100 in places like meshki.com

The Shirt Dress

Source: Denim Jeans Observer

This classic is making a welcome comeback.  It suggests effortless style combined with a casual attitude.  Perhaps best of all this season’s trend is for bold, bright and beautiful.  Bright pinks and colorful, warm yellows are mixing perfectly with graphic prints and even metallic effect.  You can choose from any of these designs to get the right shirt dress for your collection.  You may also wish to consider a pinstripe shirt dress, several of the prominent designers have opted for this; including Alexander Wang.  Add enough length to include a belt and you have sophisticated, yet casual sleek.  Getting it on a budget is easy; Gap sell a wide array of different ones in the region of $70!

The Bag

Source: Fashionista

It is fair to say that the bag which seems to have been on the rage at Paris Fashion week can barely be described as a bag.  In fact, they are so small you will not get a cell phone into them.  However, if you wish to keep up with the latest trends a quick visit to your local store should net you a bag like this for approximately $30!

With just a little effort and a small budget you can rock the Spring 2017 fashion scene!

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