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by Nathan Chilcott



Your bag is your ultimate accessory.  Whilst it is useful to carry your essential personal items it is also a reflection of you and your attitude to life.  Having the right bag balances your outfit.  In fact, bags are much like shoes; you can never have too many of them; it is simply imperative to have the right bag to go with your outfit.

The Day Bag

Source: purseblog

The size of your day bag will depend upon what you are doing; simple black can be effective at the office whilst yellow stands out, and shows you want to be noticed.  Perhaps the best use of a Loeffler Randall bag is proving that you can still be fashionable whilst carrying the baby!


Of course, the best bag to use in the day time is one that turns heads.  This classical and yet elegant Phillip Lim bag ticks all the right boxes; just check the looks everyone else gives you!

The Evening Out

Source: Louis Vuitton

This clutch bag is perfect for an evening out; the monogram look is classic and contemporary.  It makes just the right statement without needing the size that your standard day bag has.  Best of all it is the perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of different outfits!

Source: Gucci

Whilst this stylish evening bag may only be paired with a certain number of outfits it screams style and is still big enough to carry all the essentials to ensure you can enjoy the whole evening out.  With this stylish accessory you are bound to turn heads and see some serious coveting!

Source: teen vogue

This bag shows you can do daytime style and carry it effortlessly into the evening.  You can even fold the chain and make it appear to be a clutch bag.  It is surprisingly versatile as well as being fresh from Paris Haute Couture week!

Special Occasions

If you are fortunate enough to have a special occasion lined up then you will need to seriously consider the right bag for your image.  A bag for a special occasion can be difficult; it needs to reflect the latest fashion, co-ordinate with your outfit and still be big enough to carry everything whilst being small enough to comfortably stay with you all day!


This Elie Saab is a perfect bag to go with almost any outfit, whether a wedding or a christening!  Itstassels are in keeping with this year’s trends and add a certain finesse to the bag.

The alternative is the more contemporary and statement making chain effect bag from John Galliano:

Source: getty images

You may need to choose the right outfit to match this bag or even the right special occasion; but you are sure to enjoy the comments you get!

Finally, it is worth remembering that there is a huge array of different styles designer bags; one of them will suit your budget, image and the occasion.

Source: Purseblog

The simpler the bag the more likely it is that you will be able to use it for multiple events and for an extended period of time.  Bags which are more decorated may be fashionable for only a brief period of time; but you know the feeling of warmth they give you and how your heart races when you first purchase them!  There is room for both in your wardrobe!


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