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Hire a Makeup Artist & Hair stylist for Your Wedding Days it could be the best wedding day decision you make.

Are you debating on whether or not you should hire a professional makeup artist or hair stylist for your wedding day? You have invested time and money when planning your wedding, such as the perfect dress, photographer, venue, and flowers, which all tie into creating your vision, so why skimp on your makeup and hair? Hiring professional artists will help ensure that you are flawless and beautiful for your wedding day and will be forever remembered through wedding photographs. Your photographer will thank you for hiring a professional artist who knows what they’re doing.


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Krystal is the Artist/Owner of Krystal Rose Studio and in addition to her two studios in Los Angeles and New York, she also has been freelancing as a makeup artist for 10 years working on fashion shows and photo shoots from LA, Vegas, to NYC as well as running and managing artists for bridal work. Some of her clients include, KUSI, CNN, Washington Post, Cover Girl, Garnier. Fashion: Vogue Bambini NYC Kids Fashion Week -among many others!

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