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Any “brides-to-be” out there who may be considered a dreamer? Did you preplan your wedding without prince charming in sight? Well Nistas, continue to pre-plan and please do continue to be the bridesmaid. It will pay off one day. Especially, for those lucky enough to be invited to join beach weddings.

If you have ever attended beach weddings at Caribbean destinations then you know just what we’re talking about… You really cannot do much better than to join, in support, your best friend on the entire planet for a trip to paradise. You get lost in the intimacy, the laid back and casual tone, the romance and the Caribbean islands. What is better than enjoying the sun and the tropical breezes as you capture a moment in time of the most beautiful dresses and settings? Beach weddings are – So Nista!

How do you choose wedding dresses for the beach theme? We thought we would throw in a little mesonista charm. Here’s a few that make a top list of perfect beach themes:

Matthew Christopher


Claire Pettibone



Elizabeth Fillmore



Berta Bridal




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Kelsey Wells is a Fashion Stylist and Blogger from Los Angeles, CA who recently relocated to Seattle, WA. She loves to express herself through her work whether it be from creative writing to images created by her styling expertise. Referring to herself as a “creative,” Kelsey has had an interest for fashion since she could remember. Always playing and dressing up in her mom’s closet since five years old was worth it!

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